Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Eliminate moulds from Carpets

Ah! That smell......The moulds produced on carpets give out a terrible stench. This stench is caused by the spores which the moulds produce. The moulds not only degrades the quality of your carpet but it can cause harmful effects on those living with moulds. Moulds need moisture to grow. You will mostly find moulds growing in the basements, Underneath or behind refrigerators, air-conditioning units and the list goes on.
  • Use goggles, mask for your mouth, and rubber gloves when cleaning moulds. Moulds are toxic and you don’t want them affecting your health.Here are some methods to get rid of the mouldy situation.
  • Hire a professional if your mould is found at the back of your carpet. Hiring a professional would eliminate the effort taken to get rid of it. If the mould is too large and has spread across the entire area then you might consider replacing your carpet. 
  • If the weather permits, ventilate your room. You must open all your windows and doors and let the sunshine in. Use a fan if there are not windows and doors. The air will provide ventilation into the room, thus reducing the odours present. 
  • If your carpet is portable and then take it outside, let the sunshine fall onto your carpet. The sunshine will remove moisture from the carpet and kill the spores present on them.
  • 1 cup of bleach to a bucket of water then spray the carpet with the solution. After about 20 minutes vacuum the dirt and mold out. Get rid of all water from carpet as the moisture to cause more mold growth. Next, put your carpet to dry. Keep a check and clean your carpet regularly to avoid mould growth. 
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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to get rid of bad odours in your room

We all know that having a good odour in your living space is important. There could be times where
you might not be able to rid of a bad odour. This blog explains how you can get rid or reduce odours with are present in your room. These are fast solutions that work. With this little trick, you can have your room smelling fresh.

  • Open your windows – If the bad odor is coming from your room and not from the outdoors. Open the windows of your room. Fresh air would replace the bad odor. 
  • Sniff test – Identify the smell object and put it in a bag. Take it out of the room and deal with this smelly item appropriately – clean and dry might do the trick.
  • Vacuum the area - Vacuuming will help you pull out the dirt and remove any unwanted rubbish which is present. Clean out the vacuum bag regularly.
  • Clean Carpet - Your carpets, upholstery should be cleaned regularly. Use baking soda to clean your carpet or use a deodorizer. You can pick your favorite/ nice smelling carpet deodorizer from a store. 
  • Clean bulbs: Light bulbs are affected by cigarette smoke; they develop a coating on them with the smoke. When the light bulb is switched on again, the heat of bulb reacts the coating. Thus the smell returns. 
  • Scented candles: Use scented candles in the room; this would help you temporally get rid of the odor. 
  • Clean the Laundry: If you have dirty laundry in your room, wash it. Make sure you don’t keep shoes in your room. Change your begging more often. 
  • Clean out the molds: Use 3/4 cups of bleach with warm water and wipe it to the windows. Wear gloves while doing cleaning out the molds.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

How to get rid of pet odour

Pet urine smell can be intoxicating as it contains ammonia. If these pet urine stains are not treated on
time, it’s gets hard to get rid of the stain from your household. There are some ways to ensure that your home is always smelling fresh.
  • Train your pet: If you have a dog/ cat, make sure it does not urinate in the house. Start on training your pet as if it’s not trained, you will have to deal with the smell and clean the pet urine stains everyday.
  • Clean the rugs: Thoroughly clean the rugs, pillows with good amount of baking soda along with your laundry detergent to get rid of the smell and stains. Don’t wait too long to clean these items as the smell could be nauseating.
  • Buy a new carpet pad : If you feel like the urine has soaked through your carpet pad, consider replacing it as you would not be able to clean the dry pad.
  • Drench fresh urine stains: If the urine stain is fresh drench it from your carpet as fast as you can. This would help less urine to get seeped in the carpet pad.
  • Black light method: Buying a black light from an online vendor would help you to see the stains in the dark. These stains would glow in the dark thus making it easier to spot them in the dark.
  • Using white vinegar: A ratio of 3:1 warm water to white vinegar solution in a bucket would give you a fresh cleaning smell. 

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