Sunday, 24 November 2013

Does Your Mattress Need A Cleanup??

After a tiresome work day what we most need is some really good rest. But! Imagine when crashing on the bed, you see the mattress dirty. This would totally bug you off. And not to mention – completely ruin your sleep. Hence, it is quiet necessary to keep mattresses clean at all times.

Mattresses are susceptible to a lot of things - dirt, dust mites, stains and a lot of other things.

Mattresses may follow the same process of cleaning as that of upholstery. It is very important that you use proper cleaning products to go about with the cleaning process.

There are many techniques and listed below is an amalgamation of lot of these techniques.

Follow these basic steps:

  • Vacuum the mattress/ use upholstery cleaner:

It is very important to vacuum the mattress or clean it with upholstery cleaner. You don’t want to leave dust particles on your mattress. These tiny dirt particles will not only cause any stain to blot more but also lead to unnecessary dust mites that will gather on the mattress once it is wet.

  • Spray with citrus cleaner or vinegar in case of a stain:

Stains are stubborn! The chemical bonds which cause stains are quite strong; and to break these bonds, you need an equally strong chemical. You also need to make sure that, the chemical you use will not ruin your mattress. One perfect solution is a lime water mixture or vinegar.  Just spray the solution on the stain and let it set for 5 minutes, next wipe it with a clean cloth and your stain will be gone.

  • Your mattress needs a Suntan. 

Some stains are caused due to too much of moisture, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner or a dryer than the best way to get rid of the excess moisture, mold and mildew is by taking the mattress out on a bright sunny day and let it dry out for a while.  

  • Apply baking soda and detergent to get rid of blood stains. 

Blood stains are the most difficult stains to get rid off. Make a solution of 1 part baking soda and two parts of water and apply it over the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes after that make a solution of 1 tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent with 2 cups of cold water and gently brush it over the affected area. Next, dry the area using a dry clean cloth.

These are some of the different types of techniques which serve different purpose when it comes to mattress cleaning. If at all you can’t go through all these process then professional help is always there. Classique ChemDry offer many cleaning service including mattress cleaning in Canberra & surrounding suburbs. Visit:

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cleaning Rugs The Right Way...!!

Do you prefer a plain solid surface under your feet? Or a rug?
It’s definitely a rug. Everyone wants to have a soft and comfortable rug beneath their legs. At the same time they would want those rugs to be clean, and not filthy.

Many people think that cleaning a carpet or rug is a simple task. But not really so! It is a task for professionals and advanced equipment.

Classique Chemdry is a company that will clean your rug using an advanced technique that will leave your rug not just clean but also long-lasting. Always consider Classique Chemdry because they are the best.
Classique Chemdry is the top carpet cleaning outfit and they know to handle rugs. They will clean the rug with the least amount of time leaving your rugs clean and healthier than ever before and can be trusted with your precious rugs, because they are professionals.

Never think that if your rug looks clean, then it doesn’t require cleaning. Remember that dust and viruses cannot be seen, they remain hidden with the rug. And rugs hold more dirt even than a carpet.

Once the rug cleaning professionals come for a clean up, always make sure that you show them the power outlets in your rooms. Never try to change power sockets as per your convenience, it could be dangerous.

The rug cleaning technique always begins with vacuum cleaning, if you see that it is the only thing that the cleaners are doing then you have hired wrong people.

Along with vacuum cleaning a lot more processes are involved which Classique Chemdry professionals are qualified to do.

Like any other material, rugs also have a life. They tend to were out soon, but regular or timely cleaning with proper methods could increase your rug life.

Choose the right people for your area rug cleaning. And you know who are the best. Think wisely, choose wisely. It’s always Classique Chemdry.. Schedule a professional cleaning today!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

What’s your stain?? – II (Carpet stains at home)

Facing trouble with stains on carpets?? Here are a few quick home remedies that may help you get rid of those nasty carpet stains at home. Browse through the list below to find which is your stain!

Lipstick and lipbalm off excess lipbalm/lipstick from the affected area of your carpet. With the help of a clean white cloth, sponge/dab the stain with a dry cleaning solvent. Blot the area till the solvent has been absorbed. If the stain still remains, mix 1 tbsp liquid dishwashing detergent, 1 tbsp white vinegar with two cups of warm water. Sponge/dab the affected area with this solution. Blot the same till the liquid is absorbed. Sponge with cold water. Blot dry to get rid of the detergent & vinegar solution.

Baby food
In case of a stain from baby food, mix 1 tbsp of liquid dishwashing detergent with 2 cups of warm water. With the help of a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the prepared solution. Dab the stain till the solvent is absorbed. Repeat if the stain still appears. Sponge with cold water & blot dry.

Nail polish
Remove residue from your carpet. Once you have removed the excess, apply nail polish remover, drop by drop, to soften the area. Then blot the area or scrape away. Next, Shampoo, let it dry and then vacuum. Remember to pretest the nail polish remover in an inconspicuous place.
In case of a soft crayon, freeze the affected area by applying an ice cube (wrapped in a small plastic bag). Next, scrape off the excess crayon on the stain with a clean cloth & press the same with the tip of a warm iron. Repeating till all the wax is transferred from the carpet to the cloth. If the color stain still remains on the carpet, sponge the same with a dry cleaning solvent.

Food color
To get rid of food colour, mix 1 tbsp of liquid dishwashing detergent & 1 tbsp of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water. By means of a clean white cloth, sponge/dab the spot/stain with the detergent/vinegar solution. Blot frequently with a dry cloth until the stain vanishes. Sponge with warm water & then blot until it is absorbed. Next, sponge the affected area with rubbing alcohol. Blot to remove the stain. Sponge with warm water & again blot till the liquid is absorbed.
If the stain still persists, mix 1 tsp of liquid dishwashing detergent & 1 tbsp of ammonia with 2 cups of warm water. Sponge the area with this solution & leave it on the stain for minimum 30 minutes (blot every 5 minutes with a clean white cloth & more solution). Sponge/dab with cold water & blot dry.

Still seem to have trouble cleaning your carpets? Classique ChemDry’s superior carpet cleaning is your perfect partner in extending the life of your carpets & helping you get rid of all your carpet problems! Schedule a professional cleaning today. We look forward to talking to you!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Carbonation Process on Carpets..

Try this, pour some soda in a beaker or a wide glass and put some raisins into it and watch what happens.. Immediately you will see the raisins are pushed on top by the bubbles arising from the bottom. The bubbles or froth forming process is called "carbonation process".

This is a simple lab procedure which is applied in carpet cleaning and works perfectly!

Want to know how and why?

Well, in the first place, you don’t need soapy liquid to wash the carpet. Also, with soap you require a lot of water to rinse off the soap which in turn increases the time required for drying. However, the carbonation process needs very little water. 

Here, first the carpet is sprayed with our patent spot remover product and then the carbonation process works its magic, pushing the dust and other stubborn particles on top and out of the carpet.

The process follows a simple W.A.T.C.H. process i.e.
T= Time
C= Chemicals
H= Heat

Water: Without water it is impossible to get the carpet clean, but the amount of water used is adequate and not too much nor too less.

Agitation: Without agitation it’s difficult to get off stubborn stains. One of the best examples could be 'you cant clean dishes without scrubbing'.

Time: The carpet needs to soak a bit after water is sprayed over it. SO time factor is important to let it soak appropriately.

Chemicals: Classique ChemDry uses eco friendly products to do cleaning; now the advantage of this is that it gentler on the carpet and the inhabitants too.

Heat: Heat is necessary to get out all stains; heat breaks difficult stain bonds which normally don’t break in normal water.

Try Classique ChemDry’s unique carbonation cleaning process to clean your carpet in the best possible way. Your carpets will not only be brighter but will also smell fresher and your home will be much more healthier than before. Schedule a professional cleaning today.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Some feedback we got from a nasty mould job recently..

Hi Bryan,

Andrew and I would like to thank you, your wife Chris and your team for all the hard work you did on our insurance claim this year. Your team showed themselves to be very professional and without your help we would hate to think what state we would be in.

Bryan with your advanced knowledge of mould and water damage to homes we are extremely grateful as we were unaware of the dangers we were living with.

We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work, as you ran this claim faultlessly, always willing to take my phone calls and answer my questions at any time, which was very comforting when the situation we were in was so extremely stressful.

We are gradually getting through the boxes now that most of the building works are completed. Will let you know when we have finished and hopefully catch up for a couple of well deserved cold ones.

Kindest regards,

Rochelle and Andrew McMahon

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Get our experts to clean your carpet!

Classique ChemDry Professionals
In order to maintain your carpets warranty, it needs routine maintenance. As time passes, normal foot travel and soiling will change the appearance of your carpet.

Expert extraction is required to maintain your carpets warranty. This service must be performed by a trained expert occasionally to refresh the texture and revitalize the fibers in your carpet. To call our experts visit Please make sure you keep your receipts as proof of maintenance just incase a warranty claim arises. It bodies well that standard vacuuming and incite clean up of spills is imperative.

Normally two destructive forces affect carpets — soiling and loss of texture. Soiling is the build-up of dirt particles and other comparative materials that stick to your carpets strands. In spite of regular vacuuming, these particles and materials accumulate within the carpet pile and result in fading of the carpet's color. An important part of Classique Chemdrys carpet cleaning is that it leaves no deposit.

After some time, foot movement additionally makes a change in the presence of your floor covering by changing its texture. Hot water extraction revives the composition of the carpet by "resetting" the touch of the fiber.

Our carpet cleaners are specially trained and have advanced certifications in carpet and upholstery cleaning technology, reinstallation issues, carpet coloring,  fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, odor control, spot and stain removal, carpet repair etc.

Cleaning carpets today with utmost achievement and with minimum threat is a difficult job. We at Classique Chemdry are qualified technicians who have been thoroughly trained and tested on fiber identification and appropriate cleaning procedures. We use the best equipment and resources available.

Our services at Classique Chemdry are among the most inexpensive. When requested, we give written estimates. We are always happy to explain our cleaning methods and how we charge for them. For any queries or concerns, visit