Thursday, 22 March 2018

How to bring order to your home

When life gets busy, and we find ourselves caught up in work, cooking, school and other activities, we tend to neglect simple things like the tidiness of our home. But fortunately, there are ways to keep a home neat by putting in even just a little effort. Below outlined are tips that will help you manage things in a better fashion and bring order to your home.

Make your bed
A simple thing like making your bed can make a huge difference. Start by clearing your bed, then put the fitted sheet on and pull up the quilt and lay it evenly, and fluff the pillows before placing them on the bed. This will immediately change the look of your bedroom. Apart from that, your bed will look a lot more inviting at the end of a hectic day than wrinkled, untidy sheets.

Often we find things like shoes, bottles, bags, clothes, files, etc. laying around here and there rather than being in their rightful place. This makes the house look messy. A simple way to de-clutter the place is to grab a basket and collect all the items. Start by picking up items from the living room that don't belong there. Repeat the same process with the bedroom. While there, if you have items that belong in the bedroom, place them back to where they belong. Follow this method for every room until your basket is empty. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day in decluttering your home.

Run the dishwasher at night
Dishwashers are not only water efficient but also save time and effort as compared to cleaning the dishes by hand. Every night run the dishwasher even if the dishes are less. By doing this your kitchen will look clean and clutter free.

Clean the kitchen benchtop
After dinner and before going to bed, make sure you put away all the dishes, food, scraps or waste and clean the kitchen benchtop as well as the stovetop. By doing this you can go to bed without the worry of having to deal with a messy kitchen next morning.

Tidy the bathroom
Quite often we find too many products on the bathroom countertop. This makes the bathroom look untidy. The best thing to do is, keep the daily use products like soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, and maybe a hairbrush on the countertop in a neat manner. While items like shampoo, conditioner, lotions, oils, shaving kit should be kept in a cabinet. This will help to prevent a bathroom from looking unkempt.

Follow these tips on a daily basis and your house will look neat and clean every day.

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