Thursday, 24 April 2014

Home remedies to get that stain out

Stains can sometimes be a real nuisance. Ruining your gorgeous leather couch or leaving an annoying stain on your new rug. You can get rid of these annoying stains by using your everyday home ingredients and products.

  1. Vinegar – In winter many people face a lot of problems, one of them being the salt stains left by your shoes. Don’t toss away your carpet’s, you can get rid of these stains by mixing a little white vinegar and warm water. Once white vinegar and salt is mixed, rub it over the salty area on your carpet with a towel and leave it to dry overnight.
  2. Lemon juice – Did you know you can create your own bleaching solution for removing stains from fabrics by mixing white vinegar and lemon juice. Yes you can make your own bleaching solution from your kitchen by mixing a part of vinegar, Lemon juice and 2 parts of water. This solution can be used to remove almost any stain on any fabric.
  3. Hairspray – You can get rid of small stain on your leather couch by using your hairspray. You don’t need to waste your entire hairspray bottle for a tiny stain, just use a q-tip of your hairspray and apply to the stain. Next apply a little leather cleaner and conditioner from preventing the leather from drying out.
  4. Talcum powder – The talcum powder can be a very useful substance when it comes to getting rid of oily substance. It can be used to absorb the excess oil on a grease stain by applying the powder on the stain and leaving it for 15 minutes, and then you can rub off the rest of the stain. You have to later use a stain remover once you’re done with this process. The powder helps absorb the oils and prevents it from getting too deep into the material.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ways to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet

Has your Kitty/Pet left you with a blow when you went to rearrange the furniture? Not considering of when the deed was done, Relax, you can refurbish your carpet or surface to its former beauty – Make an effort to clean little elbow grease. Just because you have a pet doesn't mean you have to let go your beautiful residence.

1. Apply a poultice - Put wet/paper towels cover and top it by an intense weight which can quickly suck up fresh puddles. Sprint the towels under cool water; place it over the mark so that its covers completely, ensure to put something heavy on top. The wetness will help soak up the urine, while the weight presses the towels down into the carpet. Keep for at least 10 minutes.
  • Keep heavy books for your poultice; put a stratum of plastic wrap or aluminum foil on top of the wet towels first, to evade wetting and staining the paper of the book.
  • If you observe the spot to be wet for more than 10 minutes, build the poultice 50% wider than the region of noticeable stain, by using more towels, more water, and a heavier weight.

2. Re-wet the stain with water -  After you've lifted up the poultice, pour cold water over the stain for a second time. Start pouring little amount just outside the perimeter of the stain, gradually moving towards the center. Allow the water to work through the stain for about a minute.

3. Squirt an enzymatic cleaner over the stain - An enzymatic cleaner can facilitate break down the proteins left over from the urine, thus removing the odor as well as the urge for the pet to urinate in the same spot again.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why you should get your Upholstery cleaned by a Professional??

Whether you have kids and pets at home, or friends & family visiting; you are aware that your upholstered furniture is getting a workout. Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains, etc. can’t be avoided. Classique Chem-Dry will provide you with revitalizing upholstery cleaning that increases the life span of your furniture. Don’t worry! It is safe and healthy for kids and pets.

Upholstery Cleaning Canberra

We use an eco-friendly effervescent cleaning solution which will give your carpet that deep-down, healthy clean, and wonders on upholstered furniture as well. Classique Chem-Dry’s cleaning process for upholstered furniture is safe to use for your family. It dries faster and resists re-soiling.

Imagine thousands of tiny bubbles working their way up the dirt trapped deep within the fibers of your upholstered furniture, so they can be easily whisked away. It revitalizes your furniture for a healthy and long lasting clean. This totally natural cleaning method works perfectly with all types of upholstered furniture. The solution doesn’t contain any soaps or detergents that can leave behind a sticky residue. This way your upholstery stays cleaner for a longer period.

Our experts will get rid of the deepest stains gently and do no damage to the furniture.

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Ways to clean area and special type of rugs

If you need your surrounding to look the best then follow these simple guidelines for basic care, deep cleaning, stain removal and learn how to treat particular types of area rugs.

  • Vacuum large rugs to get rid of dirt. The best, way for larger area rugs is to vacuum them frequently. If a rug is reversible, vacuum both sides. This removes grit and grime that can wear out your rug impulsively. Do not vacuum the edge of your rug.
  • Sweep out pet hair. A vacuum sometimes leaves pet hair behind. Use a unbendable brush to remove the hair, comb-out in the direction of the nap of the rug.
  • Turn rugs annually. Foot traffic and sun sets extra stress on area rugs. Twirl them twice a year to level out the wear.
  • Shake tiny area rugs. If the rug is small enough, take it outside and shake it or beat it dynamically to eliminate dirt and grit. several areas have ordinances about shaking rugs in the open, check for restricted codes.

How to clean special type of rugs

Woven or braided rugs: Check rugs for edging breaks prior and after cleaning. Check labels to conclude whether small braided rugs are washable. If washable, then place them in a zippered pillowcase or mesh laundry bag. Wash with cold water on a gentle cycle, rinsing thoroughly. Tumble dry on a low setting. Place large braided rugs on a concrete floor or place an old blanket underneath. Sponge commercial carpet-cleaning foam over the plane and massage it accordingly. Finish by rinsing thoroughly and ensure its dry before replacing the rug on the floor.

Handmade, hand-knotted, historic, and Oriental rugs: Vacuum a new Oriental rug as you would do carpet and wool area rugs. Use special care for fragile antique rugs. Guard them by placing a piece of nylon screen over the rug and weighting it down with books or bricks. Vacuum over the screen. Or, tie a piece of nylon mesh over the vacuum attachment and replace the mesh regularly as dirt accumulates. Ensure that rugs are professionally cleaned at least once in a year. Rotate rugs to ensure even wear; direct exposure to sun will cause fading.

Coir, sisal and grass rugs: Rugs which are made from these natural fibers attribute an open weave that allows dirt to sift through to the floor beneath. Many of these rugs are reversible; if so, flip every time you vacuum for even wear. To sanitize stains or discolorations on a room-size natural-fiber rug, leave it in place. Guard the floor underneath with a plastic drop cloth and towel. Rub the stains with a soft brush dabbed in soapy water. Rinse with clear water. Place a towel over the wet area. Blot the cleaned spot pet dry. Use a moveable fan or hair dryer to speed drying. Move small rugs to a confined table or counter to clean. Water spoils the fibers, so work quickly and dry thoroughly to extend the life of these rugs. Some natural-fiber rugs are constructed in squares that are sewn together. Buy a little extra squares. If a rug square becomes permanently stained, clip the threads that hold it in place and swap with a new square. Hand-stitch it with heavy-duty carpet thread

Fur, sheepskin, and hair-on hides: Sprinkle unscented talcum powder on fur, sheepskin, and hair-on hide rugs and leave for some hours. Brush the talcum powder through the hair, then shake it out. Repeat this process continuously, depending on the length of the fur. To clean the back of such a rug, use a clean cotton cloth dabbed in lukewarm soapy water. Wipe off the dirt and rinse with a cloth dipped in clean water and allow it to dry completely before placing back in place.

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