Friday, 27 June 2014

Importance of mattress cleaning

No matter how clean our home is, the mattresses are still prone to dirt and germs. We produce up to half a litre of sweat every night and even though we wear night clothes, which we wash frequently along with our bed linen; this is no protection against what happens to the mattress.

House dust mites find that a mattress is the perfect breeding ground. It is their droppings which cause most of the problems. These have been medically proven to start a whole host of allergic reactions - from Asthma, Bronchitis, Eczema to itchy eyes and sneezing. Undoubtly, without cleaning a mattress, it could be the dirtiest item in your home! It is predictable that there are up to 2 million house dust mites living in a mattress, and in an average pillow, around 10% of its mass is made up of dead skin and dust mites.

Mattress cleaning is important to your health and comfort.  If you have kids, you know how they love to poop and pee while you are changing them.  Many times it goes through the blankets and soaks into your mattress. No one wants to sleep on a soiled mattress, right? This is where the importance of mattress cleaning comes in the picture.

Professional cleaning should not be neglected. It should be given all the attention it needs. Professional cleaning should be engaged at least once a month, so that you and your family can be safe from all the unwanted dust mites in your bedding and your carpet. Your home should be regularly kept clean and dry.

So the next time you want to get sound sleep, contact our professionals at Classique ChemDry and they will do the rest. The one thing you have to do is vacuum regularly and keep your home as dry as possible. You can clean your living room with a little help from our professional carpet cleaners in your area. So, have a sound sleep!

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Friday, 13 June 2014

Canberra Professional Cleaners v/s. Clean It Yourself (CIY)

Many People believe that calling a professional carpet cleaning company is a waste of money. They also feel that they can clean their carpets themselves without any difficulty. However, this is where they are wrong. Before you think of taking matters into your own hands and start cleaning your carpet, ask yourself one question. Do you believe you will get similar results as that of a professional cleaner if you clean your carpet yourself? Let’s get to know the ups and downs between doing it yourself and hiring professional Canberra carpet cleaners.

Cleaning Carpets Yourself
There are certain things you got to keep in mind before you decide to clean the carpets yourself. ‘Doing it yourself’ is a good way to save money, but can also be risky as you might end up ruining your carpet. Many think of renting or buying their own personal steam machine to clean their carpets themselves, but don’t research enough to know whether the use of the machine will benefit them or cause more problems. Most rentals don’t clean your carpet thoroughly, but end up damaging them. Before renting, several systems must be checked to prevent damage to your carpet - like the machine should have enough vacuum power to let the carpet dry within 12 hrs.  They should also be able to extract the cleaning solution from the carpet quickly to prevent further damage to it. Hence, if you are planning to buy or rent equipment, make sure you check the power settings and other necessary systems to prevent damage to your carpet.

Canberra Professional Cleaners
It is preferable that you call professional carpet cleaners, as they are the ones who know carpets better than anyone. At the end of the day it’s always experience that counts.  Professional carpet cleaners know the cleaning agents required to clean your carpets and also have the machine power required to help your carpets dry faster without damaging them. They possess all the necessary knowledge required to clean your carpets, like the fiber of your carpet, the cleaning agent that is friendlier to that type of fiber, etc. They will also provide you with advice to help you maintain your carpet for longer.

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Why Professionals should handle End of Lease cleaning

The most annoying part of moving out is to be the time when you have to clean up the place to make it look like it first did. Everybody knows that feeling, wondering how much of your deposit will be returned to you and then you have to begin with the cleanup process and make sure you don’t miss anything or it is cut out of your deposit.

Pet owners and students are the people who face most of the problems. Pet owners face the problems of the pet odors, urine stains and shedding of the pets fur. Students face a lot more cause of the after party stains like alcohol stains and odor, junk food odor, muddy stained carpets, etc. That’s where professionals from Classique Chem-Dry’s come in. We can have those stains and odors taken care off in no time with our advanced machinery and experienced professionals.

However some people believe calling professionals is a waste of time. You may believe that you can handle all the cleaning yourself. But don’t underestimate the amount of hard work required for it, as you can end up losing your security deposit for a minor flaw. Professional cleaners know how the landlords or estate agents think and thus know what needs to be cleaned.

So instead of wasting your days and nights trying to clean an annoying mess, call the professionals, and for a small fee we can have the place look as good as new. Instead of risking losing your security deposit, it’s better to pay a small amount to save a lot.

Hiring Classique ChemDry’s professionals will ensure you get the most of your deposit back without having to spend a big amount of money to hire them. Contact us at

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