Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How to Clean Area Rugs

How to Clean Area Rugs
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Area rugs need regular cleaning and upkeep in order to extend their lifespan and get the best out of them. Read on to pick up some tips on cleaning and preserving area rugs.

Follow the instructions
Your rug would most likely come with a label that instructs on how to clean it. It is important to know what material or blend of materials your rug is made of and to follow special cleaning instructions and care directions.

Dust / Sweep
The best way to clean your rugs is to begin by dusting out excess dirt. Do this often to prevent dirt from getting embedded into the fabric. Take them outdoors and shake them up or, in case of sturdier rugs, you can hang them over a clothesline and beat them with a broom to get rid of the dirt. When it comes to hair and pet fur, brush or sweep it out. Best to get as much of it out of the way as possible, before going on to the next step.

Rugs are magnets for dust and dirt and need to be vacuumed at least once a week. If the rug is new, daily vacuuming would help get rid of fluff. Take care when vacuuming rug fringes. It’s best to use a broom to clean them out. Rugs sitting in high-traffic areas and those that your pets have exposure to would benefit from more thorough and frequent vacuuming.

Frequent and long-term exposure to humidity can harm your rugs. Airing out your rugs for a few hours should be regular practice to keep them from accumulating moisture and developing mould.

If your rug is washable, handwashing it might be best, but understandably not the most convenient option. Machine wash on delicate and take care that rug fringes don’t become tangled and knotted. You could put the rug in a pillowcase that can be zipped or buttoned up or a mesh laundry bag.

Rugs should be hung in a way that does not ruin their shape. It is possible that their shape could get distorted, since some rugs are made from synthetic fibres similar to carpets. They are best hung over a clothes-drying rack, or a structure where they can be spread out.

Dry Cleaning
Some rugs should not be laundered, only dry-cleaned. This is particularly in the case of coloured rugs that are likely to bleed colour.

Professional Cleaning
To preserve your rugs and increase their longevity, it is highly recommended that you have your rugs professionally cleaned at least once a year. Professional cleaning will get rid of dirt embedded deeply in your rugs, and contribute to the hygiene of your home.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What to do when water invades your home

What to do when water invades your home
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Almost everyone has at some point in time faced a situation of potential water damage at home. The water might have affected only a part of the house or impacted the entire property. It takes only minutes for the water to meander through your house and settle in hard-to-reach corners and soak into carpets and rugs. Like an unwelcome guest, mould thrives and takes residence in your home. Flooding, washing machine, dishwasher or water heater leakages and burst pipes can all put your property at risk, if not attended to immediately. If the damage is caused due to a septic overflow or a sewage backup the unsanitary water can cause health complications.

So how does one deal with a flooding or leak?

Act quickly: Safety is crucial when re-entering a flooded area. Ensure structural stability before entering. Quickly try to understand the extent of the damage- if you can clean it up yourself or if it would be better to call in a professional. If you choose to clean it up yourself, first evacuate children, elderly persons and people with an already compromised immune system.

Gear up: Dress appropriately before entering the area to clean it. Thorough eye protection and mask, and non-porous gloves are essential.

Get to work: Make sure to quickly and completely dry wet areas and materials that have been soaked or even dampened. Don’t ignore any item, especially wooden, as mould needs no further invitation.

Go easy on the bleach: Bleach may not always work in your favour, and, being corrosive and strong, might even cause further damage to some items. Inform yourself well of what materials can withstand bleach and what quantities are safe to use.

Discard items if necessary: It may not be feasible to wash and disinfect some items. The may become hosts for mould growth and retain germs and bacteria.

Dry it all out: Ensure to dry out property and items. Focus on getting rid of moisture by keeping doors and windows open, using use heaters, air-conditioning and fans.

Watch the mould: Over the next few days, keep an eye on areas that were dampened to check how well they’re drying out, and watch out for new mould growth. If there is, have it remediated as early as possible. Keep your family’s health in mind. Have an expert assess the damage as they would know best how to catch even an unseen problem.

Look for the problems: Sometimes, to look for a long-term solution, one has to dig deeper into the problem. Thoroughly inspect your home for damaged pipes or taps and have your appliances serviced if required.

When your home has been invaded by water in any way, sometimes the best thing to do is call a professional, as they can best protect your property from further damage, by using the right equipment and procedures. We, at Classique ChemDry specialize in professional water cleanup and water damage restoration. Call us on 1800 213 006 for a free quote or visit us to know more about our services.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

How you can help your kids to not ruin the carpet

Kids, no matter how old, seem attracted to carpets like magnets - whether in the house or in your car. But then the little angels go one step further and attempt to destroy them.

Carpets and food

Their elbows may stay off the table for the most part, but your kids, especially the toddlers cannot help themselves spilling food. And if your dining area is carpeted, it must be a crumb magnet.

Using a splat mat or a chair mat would offer some kind of protection and help keep your floors clean. A mat would work well for snacking spots as well and is easy to wipe when snack time is over. Plus, they’re portable so they can go from one room to another, as needed.

Snack time could also mean your toddler picks up their juice cup like they are taught to. But then, they carry it around with them and don’t miss the carpet. Spill-proof cups could go a long way in keeping juice off your carpets and off the rugs in your car, too.

Carpets and shoes

When your kids come home from playtime in the park or from football, they somehow manage to find the carpet with their soiled shoes still on, bringing in grass clippings and mud, thus leaving the evidence all over the house. It’s that much worse if they’ve come in from the rain.

While the “no shoes on the carpet” rule may not produce results by itself, a shoe storage might be the key. If each member of your family and especially your kids could have a special place for their shoes, it might be easier to set a routine that the kids could follow every time they come in from school and play.

Carpets and activities

If your kids seem to arrive at creative epiphanies in the carpeted room, your carpet could be attacked with everything from Play-Doh to paints. When it comes to Play-Doh, a quick cleaning tip would be to let the sticky pieces dry and then vacuum the carpet.

Covering the play space would also help keep those carpets clean. A splat mat could work here, too and can be cleaned in a jiffy.

Tricky as it might be, it could be a good idea to limit material when your kid is at messy play. This should be done not in a way that could hamper their creative process, but in a way that’ll teach them to be responsible with smaller amounts of material. Your carpets will thank you for this.

Kids and carpet cleaning
Of course, this doesn’t mean you make your little kids vacuum the carpet, but while you do this, they could pick their toys off the carpet. This would save you time and teach them to be responsible, even for the carpet.

All of these tips may help you and your kids get through the day with a somewhat clean carpet. But, you still need to think about your family’s health and call in the professionals regularly to keep your carpets ultra-clean. Do this often to keep your carpets free from mould, dust and so much more.

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