Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Household Tips on Tackling Dust

Household Tips on Tackling Dust

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When you’re dealing with a serious dust problem, merely sweeping the dust away won’t help. The dust particles will only move around and won’t be picked up. You can capture the dust with a soft cloth. When you are cleaning from ceiling to floor, a vacuum cleaner is the most efficient tool. Here are a few tips to keep your home free of dust. 

Electronic items: 
Electronic items like television sets, computers, etc., act like dust magnets. Wiping the item with a microfiber cloth will generally do the job. A soft handled brush helps collect dust from other areas. Make sure to vacuum dust from cables/cords. Clean them regularly, as pet hair along with the dust might clog machines or outlets. 

Mop at least once a week and clean the place thoroughly. This will help to reduce allergens. Wood flooring needs dusting at least once a month. 

Soft toys:
Put all the soft toys in a plastic bag, and sprinkle a cup’s worth of baking soda. Seal the top and then go outside and shake well. This will remove any dust particles. Take out the items one at a time and shake off all the baking soda. Lastly, vacuum the soft toys using a brush attachment. 

Stove and refrigerator:
With time debris get accumulated. This serves as a source of food for insects and other pests. To avoid this, if possible, try and take apart the appliance. Make use of a slightly damp sponge to clean. Finally, wipe the floor and walls of the area with hot soapy water.

Get rid of the heavy dust from ceiling, walls or appliance vents as it can breed allergens. Rinse removable, washable air-conditioning filters well in hot soapy water and air-dry before reassembling. Cleaning your air vents regularly may save you the cost of replacement of heating and air-conditioning vents.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Choosing the right rug for your spaces

Choosing the right rug for your spaces

When it comes to home decor, the last thing on your to-do list after painting the walls, lightings, and furnishings, is adding rugs. While it may seem like a simple job, as all you got to do is purchase rugs that look nice, but in reality, there's more to it. So here, we are going to talk about different rug types and how they are suitable for different spaces in your house.

Rugs for Hallways or Entryways

Areas like the hallway or entryway are known to have high traffic, therefore, rugs which require low maintenance are best suited for these spaces. While selecting, it is always better to go with a rug that is made of jute material as they are simple to clean and strong. The dirt does not settle on the fibers and remains on the surface of the weave. They are also suitable for damp areas and can also be placed outdoors.

Rugs for a Living Room

A lot of activity including entertainment, family occasion, dinners, parties and other get-togethers take place in this space of your house. So to keep it elegant, your excellent buy would be a rug made of wool. Wool adds to the overall appeal with its features of softness, style, comfort, and durability. Based on the shape of your living room area, you could opt for a rug that is square or rectangular in shape. It is always advisable to buy a rug that is big enough to keep the legs of your furniture off the flooring.

Rugs for a Dining Room

As we all know, the dining room is prone to dangers of dropping food or spilling liquids. So to stay on the safe side, purchase a rug for this area that is made from natural fibers. It makes it easy to dust, wash and clean. Select a rug that covers the area of your entire dining table. And keep in mind the shape of your table so that you can buy a rug that matches it.

Rugs for a Bedroom

For a bedroom, your best option would be a rug that is cozy, comfy and soft. Having one's toes sunk into a rug that is soft and warm is something we all love at the end or start of the day. And that is why wool again is the material you got to look for while buying a good bedroom rug. Buy a rug that ensures the legs of your bed fit well within the area of the rug. Or if you're someone who prefers rugs on either side of the bed, go for something that matches the length of your bed.

Rugs for your Study/Work Area

This is where your creativity comes into the picture. Go for a rug that reflects you and your style. It could be something that is simple or fancy, vibrant or subtle, square, round or rectangular.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How is carpet cleaning different from rug cleaning

How is carpet cleaning different from rug cleaning

When it comes to home decor, carpets and rugs make a significant difference. They enhance the beauty of any room by adding a touch of colour, comfort, and warmth. For them to continue to add that spark to your home, they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. They trap dirt and dust which can not only reduce their appeal but also lead to health problems.

To extend their lifespan and ensure your family's health is not compromised, you need to ensure they are cleaned regularly and maintained properly.

Normally, carpet and rug cleaning should be done at least once in a year. But if you notice that they're covered with food or pet stains quite often and look shabby, then you should have them cleaned more frequently.

Most individuals think carpet and rug cleaning is one and the same. But in reality, they both have a different cleaning process.

Carpet cleaning

To clean carpets, the most common techniques followed are steam cleaning and hot water extraction. These methods aim to eliminate dirt, dust, and allergens trapped in the carpets.

As steam cleaning is highly effective and gives good results, professional carpet cleaners usually prefer this method. The process involves deep cleaning using steam and hot water to get rid of all the above-mentioned pollutants including dust mites and pet fur from the carpets.

With the aim to promote healthier cleaning, professional carpet cleaners utilize green cleaning products over harsh chemical agents. This helps in the improvement of indoor air quality and creates a healthier environment.

Rug cleaning

Professional rug cleaning involves getting rid of all the dust and dirt from the rugs to prolong their life. Using steam cleaners is advisable as they do not cause any damage to rugs.

Professional rug cleaners use special methods that ensure effective rug cleaning. They utilise the right techniques, advanced equipment, and safe solutions to preserve the appearance and colour of the rug. They run tests on rugs to check for colour fading or running. They also make use of a specially formulated enzyme that aids in getting rid of pet stains and odours, without affecting the colours of the rug.

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