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Handy Tips to Prevent Carpet Mould After Water Damage

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It’s not uncommon to have your carpets damaged from flooding, water spill, or leaks at home. If you are a homeowner, you sure must have experienced such incidents before. In cases where carpets are not so severely damaged by water spills, it can still be a serious issue if the carpets are left unattended. This is because of the growth of mould. All it needs is a little moisture and a little dark space to thrive in. Before we give you tips to prevent mould growth on carpets, learn why carpet mould is so bad.

Why prevent carpet mould?

Mould patches on carpets not only look bad but can have a serious impact on one's health too. They produce allergens which can give rise to allergic reactions in people living at home, especially if they are sensitive to mould. Inhaling or touching mould spores could trigger sneezing bouts, runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes or hay fever-type symptoms. Hence it is of vital importance to prevent the growth of carpet mould.

Here are tips to prevent carpet mould after water damage.

1) Avoid dampness at home

Carpets are one of the few items that are at high risk of damage and can provide ample of breeding ground for mould growth. All that is needed for mould to thrive is moisture, oxygen, a little food resource and a surface to grow on. Mould spores are everywhere in the atmosphere and if they land on wet surfaces like carpets, the dust on them acts as a food resource allowing them to breed in manifold. It’s best to prevent dampness as far as possible. Keep doors and windows open from time to time to let in sunlight.

2) Act immediately

In case of events like a water spill or incidents wherein individuals have stepped on carpets with wet footwear or carpets have come in contact with standing water, it’s wisest to remove the carpets from the floor and dry them under the fan. Ignoring such incidents may cause the water to seep deep through the layers of the carpet and cause more damage. In case of severe water damage, its best to call a professional carpet cleaning company to clean and restore carpets.

3) Clean the area smartly

When cleaning the floor with wet liquids, be sure to remove carpets from the area. A little touch of moisture can cause a great extent of damage to them. Use dry forms of cleaning if possible. And if there happens to be an accidental contact with water make sure to dry carpets thoroughly.

4) Install carpets at appropriate places

Avoid installing carpets in areas which are prone to coming in contact with moisture or water. Rugs near bathrooms should be cleaned on a regular basis. Hang up bathroom rugs and doormats on a rod for proper ventilation and to dry them out thoroughly.

5) Choose high quality padded carpets

Carpets with a thick level of padding (solid or rubber- slab) have antimicrobial properties that make it difficult for mould to grow on. They may be on the pricey side but are worth the investment. Choose such carpets for your homes to further reduce potential damage.

In case of mould growth on carpets, call Classique ChemDry for professional help. Classique ChemDry provides solutions for carpets damaged by water and mould. Call 1800 213 006 or visit for more information on carpet cleaning.

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