Thursday, 5 July 2018

5 Things That Hide Deep in Your Carpets

5 things that hide deep in your carpets

Some homeowners believe that carpets that are cleaned regularly and look kempt need no professional cleaning. In order to avoid the expense, they prefer to clean it themselves, which is not enough. There are several things that can get embedded in the fibres of your carpets which can go unnoticed and ruin them as well as affect your health. Below are five things that settle deep into your carpets which you could probably be unaware of.


If you or any family member goes into a sneezing frenzy soon after stepping into the house, it could be due to allergens that are trapped in you carpets. Carpets attract all outdoor allergens that are under the soles of our shoes. These allergens settle on carpets and when stirred up become airborne.


Factories use various dyes, glues and other chemicals in manufacturing carpets. Carpets after installation release these chemicals reducing the indoor air quality.


If the carpet is damp or installed in a high moisture area, it will soon become a home to mould. Mould grows and spreads quickly on damp surfaces and your carpet could be an ideal place for mould growth.


Day in and day out we walk on carpets with our shoes on, not realizing the soles of our shoes come in contact with various surfaces and carry dirt and bacteria. When we walk on carpets using the same shoes, we deposit all the dirt and bacteria on their surface making them not only dirty but also unhealthy.

Dust Mites

These microscopic organisms are responsible for large amounts of allergens in your home. Although relatively harmless, their body fragments and the waste they produce are harmful to human health. These could trigger allergic reactions like sneezing, wheezing and coughing.

The best way to get rid of the things that live in your carpets is to have them cleaned professionally. When it comes to any kind of carpet cleaning, Classique ChemDry is at your service. Call us on 1800 213 006 to know more about our carpet cleaning expertise.

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