Wednesday, 18 July 2018

6 Tips to Avoid Carpet Stains

6 Tips to Avoid Carpet Stains

A new carpet is a big investment, so of course, you want to make sure that you take every precaution to maintain the carpets in their proper state for as long as possible. A properly maintained carpet can have a life as long as 10 years. Carpets undergo a lot of wear and tear in the house. Especially when there are kids and pets running around the house the whole time, some carpet spills and accidents are bound to happen. So even with all this, how do you prevent the carpet from getting spoilt soon and increase its life? Here are some tips for it.

Get a strain resistant treatment done for the carpet

Treating your carpet with a strain resistant protectant will give it an extra protection from wear and tear for as long as the protective surface holds its ground. Many of the recent day carpets come with this, but you can apply one yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

Clean/Vacuum the carpet regularly

Cleaning and vacuuming your carpet regularly will help prevent stains and remove any dirt present on it. It is very easy for dirt and debris to get trapped inside the carpet's fibres. These dirt particles get accumulated and can accelerate the aging process of your carpet. Make sure you clean your carpet at least once a week (although more often is always better).

No shoes rule for carpets

No shoes or any other footwear allowed on the carpet. Make everyone in the house follow this rule. This will result in a lot less dirt accumulating on the carpet. It will also be easier to clean it.

Make use of plastic mats and rugs

Use a plastic mat under the furniture and in heavy traffic areas of the house. This will prevent the carpet from getting worn out soon. Also, if you eat in a carpeted room, using a plastic mat will help in avoiding any accidental spills.

Immediately treat spills

Any accidental spill should be treated immediately before it sinks in the carpet. Do not rub anything on the carpet. Instead, dab up the moisture to avoid any damage.

Get your carpet professionally cleaned

Even though you can clean your carpet regularly, its best to get your carpet professionally cleaned twice every year. Since the professionals use special cleaning techniques and treating methods for carpets, a professional carpet cleanup will greatly improve the life of your carpet and give it a brand new finish.

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